Student Health Protection

Health plays an important role in the overall achievement of your children. Children need good attendance to pursue good ranks in the school or college. Health is everything that helps the students to go on with their academics in a better way. So, children need good health checkup time to time to avoid complicated health issues as well as to avoid the infections from one to one. The school/college administration will also get good applause if they take care of the health of the students along with their academics.

Students can get good health protection from CGS HCS using our SHP plans. We are providing different health cards with different plans exclusively for students of schools and colleges. We are providing five different cards basing on the package chosen by the student.

Four Different SHP Cards basing on packages:-

general card

Health Protection

silver card

Health Protection Plus

gold card

Health Protection Super

platinum card

Health Protection Diamond

What are the problems facing by the students in Schools and Colleges?

  • Children are facing frequent health related problems which made them irregular to the schools and colleges. The irregularity made them backward in academic performance.
  • Competition has increased in education which made the students undergo severe stress.
  • Some children are lacking good concentration as they are highly affected by the technology and habituated to gaming, watching cartoons, movies etc.
  • Viral infections are passing from one student to another student, resulting in contagious diseases and infections.
  • Most of the children are suffering from Eyesight, Dental, and Hearing problems.
  • The majority of children are suffering from vitamins and necessary dietary fibers in the diet. As some of their parents lack knowledge about the required nutritional diet for their children.
  • Children who are in hostlers are also lack of care when they suddenly faced health issues.
  • Hostlers are suffering from various health problems and sometimes they need nursing which is not available to them.
  • Hostlers are not able to take necessary tests as they have to travel unknown places for lab tests.
  • Hostlers and day scholars are not getting regular health checkups.
  • Along with hostel and Day scholar fees, other medical expenses become a burden on parents when the students are hospitalized.
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