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Daily Property Deals is for investors looking to find a choice of property investments from around the world that deliver high yield or capital growth.

Daily Property Deals is an online marketing business specialising in investments. We work with brokers from around the world to promote different kinds of opportunity, referring interested investors directly to the product provider or sales agent. Our business does not sell the products and we aren't able to offer any advice or additional information - for compliance and regulation purposes, this role is performed by the seller.

  • Property


    Normally one of the first types of investment that investors dabble in outside the world of stocks, shares and pensions. Buy to let property can take many forms, with traditional residential property, student accommodation, hotel room investments and managed holiday resorts among those currently in favour.

  • Commodities


    A commodity is an everyday product that is essentially the same no matter who you buy it from. There are active trading markets for commodities and a lot of the investor activity focuses on futures contracts, where two parties agree a price for an amount of the product to be sold at a point in the future.

  • Energy


    The planet's oil is running out and governments across the world are offering incentives for investment into alternative energy schemes. Biomass, solar power, wind energy and even hydroelectric schemes and amongst the more common, though it's also possible to invest in even more radical energy solutions.

  • Agriculture


    With food shortages inevitably going to affect large sections of the world's population in the future, agricultural land will eventually become a premium asset. Owning the land is one investment opportunity, while investing in crop production is also a route open to investors that are hungry for a long term return.

  • Forestry


    The economic boom across Asia has led to a rapidly rising demand for all kinds of household products, many of which are made from hardwoods and other timber. Environmental concerns quite rightly demand a sustainable approach to supplying the raw materials required, making forestry plantation a lucrative business.

  • Media


    Investing in media and entertainment funds has become popular in recent years, partly due to the excitement of being involved in what is often a high profile production and partly due to the tax breaks that are can be associated with this type of opportunity, often through the Enterprise Investment Scheme relief.

  • Technology


    A new breed of investment in science and technology solutions is currently enjoying a wave of popularity amongst investors. Whether it is medical sciences, mobile technology or new materials for industrial use , all kinds of tech businesses are raising funds both directly from investors and via the many new crowd sourcing platforms.

  • Financial


    There are now many platforms that allow investors to take on the role of a trader in financial products, the most common of which are foreign exchange and binary options. There are also many different types of funding opportunities, that allow investors to pool their money with other investors in order to finance a business or investment vehicle.

  • Regulated


    There are a large number of regulated investments that can only be offered by companies authorised to market that type of opportunity in the country where they are located. The marketing activity is usually subject to a higher degree of compliance, which in theory should offer investors a higher level of security.


We specialise in presenting a range of attractive high yield or high growth global opportunities.


If you need help with promoting your investment please contact us for further information on how we can help!

Website Listings

List your investment opportunity across a number of our sites, reach anywhere up to 100,000 prospective clients per month and only pay when we generate leads.

Google Adwords

Keyword advertising that involves our marketing team setting up a campaign designed specifically to target people searching for products like yours.

Banner Advertising

Fixed cost display ad packages in a variety of formats that are designed to target affluent potential investors across our network of partner publisher sites.

Email Campaigns

Fast-acting newsletter blasts that can generate a spike in sales leads for your team, with anything from 25 to 100 leads achievable from a typical campaign.

Facebook Advertising

An effective social media advertising solution that targets a relevant set of visitors on Facebook with attractive visual adverts for your investment product.

Audience Retargeting

With this solution, we tag all the visitors to our alternative investment sites and then use a variety of platforms to serve them ads as they use the internet.

How we Work

our working process in 3 steps


We will understand your business requirements and formulate a campaign package based on a clear understanding of the clients you targeting to target, how many leads you need and which of our solutions are likely to deliver the right results for you.


Based on your brochure and marketing material, our design team will produce all the campaign collateral needed for the solutions to be implemented - banner adverts, HTML email creative, website listings and high-quality landing pages.


Once your campaign is ready to launch, our team will send out email campaigns on the scheduled dates and set up the other elements to run like clockwork - all you have to do is make sure your sales team is ready to turn leads into revenue.


Please don't contact Daily Property Deals for more information about any of the investment opportunities listed on this site.

Feel free to contact us about advertising or your investments, or for other general enquiries.

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